Welcome to Proyecto Oniric website


For several reasons, I'm no longer working on Proyecto Oniric.
Neither new music nor digital artworks are going to be created or released.
I’m also not accepting commissioned works.

For all those who might ask why, sadly my free time is not as large as it used to be. Since a few years ago, I cannot find the required time I would need to compose or create digital artworks. The reason for that is that I decided to focus on my career as a biologist, and now that I’m working on my Ph.D Thesis I don’t have time to keep working on Proyecto Oniric.

Unfortunately, I guess these words mean a goodbye

For all those who have followed me during all these years, I need to say that I’ll always be deeply thankful for all the unconditional support I’ve received.

In this site I’ll keep my albums and my artworks as a memory of what Proyecto Oniric was.

Till we meet again…

Thank you,
Proyecto Oniric.